Opensea NFT Services
In the era of metaverse, everything can be NFT.
In order to better empower hashed diamonds and promote the development of the metaverse,We have only launched its own rights and interests certificate NFT to users of Opensea :



which is generated  randomly  from 12 colors and issued a total of 12 ^ 3 = 1728, which is very rare. In the later stage, if we can achieve gratifying success, we do not guarantee to continue to increase NFT, but we guarantee that the first batch of NFTs you can see now must be very beautiful and have appreciation value and collection value.
If you like our metaverse works related to hash diamond, please transfer your HACD.VIP on opensea to the following address, and we will provide you with relevant work design and upload services. You can download your works to your real location to enjoy group photos, etc. (NFT HACD.VIP is the service fee we charge you). If you think has huge growth space or considerable collection value in the future, you can also collect it for a long time and develop together with the platform.
Our address on opensea is:
Service Content
1. Ordinary HACD.VIP: 3D modeling and work upload services of a single hacash diamond, and rotate the animation or rotate around 8 words at the same time;
2. Fine HACD.VIP: A standard shape hacash diamond, and provide the service described in Item 1 plus virtual scene.
3. Best HACD.VIP: A set of hacash diamond combination suit with nine different shapes, and provide more hash diamond meta universe design and work upload services.
1、The color is divided into three parts. If the colors of the three parts are different, it is called ordinary; if the two parts are the same and connected, it is called fine; and if all colors are the same, it is called best.
2、the above services are only free of one month’s data storage fee. If you need to provide data storage for a long time, you need to charge additional fees.
3、The gift of hacash diamonds is limited to our store ( purchase, and our store is not responsible for secondary resale of gifts.

Endless pursuit, thank you for your patronage!
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